Anthony Amorim: Creating Music and a Community

Known for his comical Vines and honest personality, Anthony Amorim can only be described as a go-getter. His presence in the entertainment industry has blossomed since childhood, and his hundreds of thousands of followers continuously support his ever-evolving music career. Our editor Olivia Ferrucci discussed his upcoming album and future in the industry for Lithium's silence issue!

Lithium: You began on Tumblr as ‘jerkidiot’, often creating posts that would go on to receive hundreds of thousands of notes. How did you transition from such a communicative platform to other modes of social media?
Anthony: After being on Tumblr for about two years, I realized that even though I had already built up a following, Tumblr wasn’t the only social media out there. If I wanted to expand, I needed to start somewhere new. I started making Vines in 2014 and after about 6 months of sharing my Vines on Tumblr, it really took off for me. Having my following on Tumblr definitely made it easier, but there was still a long transition period.

Lithium: How has your online popularity affected your life in a social manner?
Anthony: It’s gotten pretty crazy. For the first few years of high school, a lot of my friends would jokingly refer to me as “jerkidiot”, my Tumblr URL, and that was pretty amusing. But once it really took off, things started changing for me all the time. I was getting recognized in public, making crazy connections, and by senior year, there were groups of freshmen who were asking me for pictures to show their friends online. I’ve had to avoid the types of people who would literally ask me to make a Vine while we were sitting at lunch, but I’ve kept the same friends that I’ve had for my whole life without too much being affected there.

Lithium: Your album, 2004, is coming out on August 14th. How challenging was the process of creating and producing your first full length album independently?
Anthony: It was tough! I feel like a lot of my audience is under the impression that I have a manager and producers and marketers, but I’m actually all on my own when it comes to music. Every instrument you hear (except for some drum kits) is played by me. I do my own vocals, and I write every single song from start to finish. When it comes to the technical stuff, I designed my own album cover, set all of the dates, and I do all of the promotion myself. I’m hoping that I can find people to help me expand for things like merchandise and touring.

Lithium: Will you be playing any live shows in support of the album?
Anthony: I’m moving to Nashville in August to attend Belmont University (where I’ll be studying songwriting), and I definitely plan to play shows regularly while I’m down there. I spent my whole life in a rural town in New Jersey, where there was never much opportunity for live performances, so it’ll be a nice change to live in such a musical city.

Lithium: Throughout the years, you’ve been involved with video production, music, acting, and comedy- which venture is your favorite, and do you plan on pursuing it?
Anthony: I love all aspects of the entertainment industry, but my heart has always been in music. I plan on pursuing songwriting as a career. I would love to be a Justin Timberlake or Donald Glover-type, where I could switch up what I’m doing every few years. I definitely plan to keep up with social media and music, and I’d love to continue acting and eventually try my hand at stand-up comedy. I want my career to be as versatile as it possibly can be, so I’m hoping music will get me to where I want to be.

Lithium: Who can be quoted as your biggest musical influences?
Anthony: I would say my biggest influences are Twenty One Pilots and Panic! At The Disco. Those bands have shown me that my music can be whatever I want it to be, and I don’t have to be tied down to any specific sound. I also love Lorde, Melanie Martinez, and more recently, Jon Bellion.

Lithium: What do you think draws your audience together towards your content in particular?
Anthony: I’ve found that most of my audience are people who idolize the bands I listed above, and they can relate to me because I admire them as well. I make a lot of band-related Vines, and have built up a reputation based on that. My followers actually helped me win a contest where I was able to take a backstage tour with Twenty One Pilots, and I even made a Vine with them! When that happened, my followers were very happy, because it was like one of their own received this one-in-a-million opportunity and they helped to make it happen.

Lithium: You’ve been involved with the entertainment industry since childhood, even appearing on Saturday Night Live. How did growing up in such a mature and competitive industry affect your younger self?
Anthony: From a young age, I always took myself and what I was doing very seriously. A huge part of being a child actor is knowing how to take direction. Many young actors are forced into the industry by their parents and therefore refuse to take direction. I think that because I was already a serious kid, growing up in that industry only made me more prepared for adulthood.

Lithium: What is your favorite song off of your new album?
Anthony: That’s a tough one. I feel very connected to all of my songs, but I think it’s a toss up between "2004", "Class Clown", and "All My Favorite Bands Use Long Song Titles So I Will Too", which is very Twenty One Pilots-inspired.

Lithium: You hold strong followings on multiple social media platforms including Tumblr, Vine, Instagram, and YouTube. How has this universal appreciation of your content influenced your career and personal life?
Anthony: Social media has definitely boosted my career, especially when it comes to music. In 2014, my debut EP and first release on iTunes, The Marks You Made, hit #7 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart, which was entirely due to the support of my followers on Tumblr. Without them, I’d just be another kid with a guitar writing songs in his room. They are the ones who form my audience, and give me such amazing opportunities.

Lithium: What can we expect from Anthony Amorim in the times to come?
Anthony: Definitely expect more music in the future. I’ll be in college come August, so hopefully I’ll be able to do more live shows, and maybe even fund a tour for the summer. I love making content for my followers, so Vines, YouTube videos, and more can definitely be expected. Stay tuned!

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