Artist to Know - Zella Day

   Indie-pop singer Zella Day (full name Zella Day Kerr) has a magnetic allure. Dressed in earth tone dresses and flowery headbands, she's a blast from the 1960's. Zella could definitely be described as a modern day Stevie Nicks, what with her dreamy throwback vibe.
Though she grew up in the sparsely populated town of Pinetop, Arizona, her voice was meant for the largest of stages. Her tone can change from a persuasive call-to-arms to a soothing, seductive chant within seconds, leaving everyone longing for more.

  Zella's music is euphoric, but etched in a realism that is wonderful to listen to. Her album Kicker, released in June of 2015, has a Bohemian-indie sound screaming to be played in the heat of the summer. While listening to the album’s opener, “Jerome”, you can feel the passion of her lyricism. The repetition of the name signifies the importance of his character. It is clear that Jerome is a bad person, but her love for him can be felt through her voice until the very end.
  The production of the album is beautiful, as is her voice. This album tells a story so vividly and wonderfully told, it is almost as if we’ve been through the ringer like she has. Kicker is easily up there on my list of favorite albums. Her sound resembles Wild Belle and the one and only Lana Del Rey. Zella Day is definitely one to watch this year. Give her a listen- your ears will thank me!
By Michelle Aviles

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