Ashton Edminster: Internet Friends, Filming, and Inspiring Young Girls

Ashton Edminster, known mainly as 'musicbyashton' on various platforms , has been growing popular on social media. She started out on Vine in 2014, like most teenagers these days, and has grown to accumulate over fifty thousand followers and eighty million loops. She released her first song on iTunes, Break the Distance, in late November of 2014. The song became wildly popular due to its message regarding Internet friends. Since then, Ashton has released an EP and does small shows around her hometown in Texas. Interview by Bridget Fitzpatrick.

Lithium: We're so happy to be able to interview you for Lithium Magazine! How does it feel to have songs of yours on iTunes?
Ashton: It feels amazing! I always buy my favorite artists' music on there, and to think mine is on there too is kind of surreal.

Lithium: What advice do you have for people who want to start a career on Vine like you did?
Ashton: Wow, Vine was a long time ago! I'm so grateful that I gathered a following on there that is still with me today (more on Twitter though. I just post what comes to mind! Every time I thought of a joke or a cover I could do, I just took out my phone and did it. Never think about it too much.

Lithium: One of your most popular songs is about internet friends- what personal meaning does that song have for you?
Ashton: The song has a lot of meaning to me. I wrote it about a friend I have in Belgium (we haven't met yet, but we're still friends) and now it means even more considering I have met even more wonderful people online that I would love to meet. It still is true for me and it probably always will be. 

Lithium: You recently filmed a music video! How was that experience?
Ashton: I've had the idea for that video in my head ever since I wrote the song, so seeing it come to life was SO amazing. We still have some stuff to film, but it is coming soon and I can't wait for everyone to see it! 

Lithium: I would just like to say you are the sweetest person ever! How does it feel to have fans from all over the world?
Ashton: Aw, thank you! It feels amazing but it doesn't surprise me because music affects everyone around the world. I'm just thankful that MY music has reached people so far away from me, and I hope to meet them all some day. 

Lithium: One last question, do you have a message to young girls who want to do what you do?
Ashton: Ohhh boy, hey girls! I just want to let you know that so many other people will get to where you would like to be faster than you ever will be able to and it's awful. Don't get angry, though- just keep working hard. Being a teenage girl in the music industry is very hard because most of the audience is composed of young girls and many of them (including myself) love the satisfaction of boys singing to us. Girls have stories too! That's why I really look up to Ariana Grande and Tori Kelly. They tell stories of empowerment and love. Music is something everyone can do, but sometimes it feels too hard to squeeze yourself in. EVERYONE deserves a chance at their dream, so it's amazing to see boys and girls making music and working hard for it. If we come together, all of our voices can be heard. I hope young girls like me learn to love everyone and support other musicians, because if we don't support each other, then who will? 💕


  1. Wow, I remember Break the Distance! I'll definitely check up on her music.

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