EYEBLOGBEAUTY: Silence & Makeup Misconceptions

Instagram user & blogger Farhath Khan (more often known by her username @eyeblogbeauty) can easily be deemed the queen of makeup. Her social media has created a large and inspiring community composed of individuals who actively admire and recreate the thousands of makeup looks featured on her page. With nearly half a million followers, Farhath's dreams are becoming more and more realistic every day. Editor Olivia Ferrucci discussed the account's creation and content choices with Farhath for the August issue of Lithium.

Lithium: What inspired you to create an Instagram page devoted to makeup in all of its nuances?
Eyeblogbeauty: I got inspired by Jeesan Umar (@beautydosage) to start my blogging journey. She's an astounding blogger who is also from the place where I grew up, Sri Lanka.
I began my blogging last year as a hobby- my primary aim at the time was completing law school! As I was getting more recognized on Instagram, I began to focus more on beauty.
Once I was receiving recognition, I saw more artists who were still struggling to get noticed. That's really what propelled me to begin supporting and sharing other artists' works as well. 

Lithium: How does your process work for finding videos and looks to post?
Eyeblogbeauty: I created a hashtag (#Eyeblogbeauty) for artists to use. That's really where I find content to repost. The main component of my content is providing something different and new. I am not a huge fan of normal makeup and hair tutorial based posts.

Lithium: Your Instagram following alone exceeds 400,000. Were you expecting to garner such a vast follower count, and did it happen rapidly?
Eyeblogbeauty: In the beginning, I aimed for maybe 10,000 followers. I certainly never expected to come this far in such a small amount of time. However, this didn't happen overnight! The issue with being a blogger is that you must be consistent with your posts. On the off chance that you miss posting for 2-3 days, you will lose 4,000-5,000 supporters.

Lithium: What has been the single most defining moment of your time on social media since, Eyeblogbeauty blew up?
Eyeblogbeauty: My most defining moment would be the point at which I began helping out Habiba Chowdry regarding video making and and the significance of thumbnails. She is such a sweet young lady! She fundamentally makes my online experience worthwhile. We are very good friends now on Instagram. She's basically  killing the Instagram game these days! You can watch her videos @makeupholic_moon.

Lithium: Your page features thousands of looks, each unique in its own right. What’s your favorite?
Eyeblogbeauty: My favorite would be the brow videos from @kelleybakerbrows and beard trimming videos and eye makeup looks by @divamaker_. They're always satisfying to watch!

Lithium: Eyeblogbeauty can be found on multiple platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Blogspot, and more. Which is your favorite form of social media?
Eyeblogbeauty: Definitely Instagram. Using a single hashtag related to a post can allow you to be noticed by individuals who are searching for the exact same content. 

Lithium: How do you envision Eyeblogbeauty progressing in the future?
Eyeblogbeauty: To be frank, right now all I am aiming for is a million followers. Besides that, I definitely have some future plans to use my platform to convey some positive messages to the beauty world.

Lithium: What do you think is the #1 misconception in the makeup world?
Eyeblogbeauty: The idea that individuals apply makeup for the admiration of others. In my eyes, cosmetics are simply meant to boost your confidence.

Lithium: Do you feel silenced running such a popular page that isn’t entirely focused on you, or do you feel empowered regardless?
Eyeblogbeauty: When I had roughly 50,000 followers, I did feel a little silenced. I didn't share much of my information in my account's description, but later on, after adding details and posting my looks, I started geting recognized even outside the Internet! I receive plenty of inspiring stories from my followers as well. These really encouraged me to keep going, regardless.

Lithium: What does Eyeblogbeauty mean to you?
Eyeblogbeauty: The translation is I BLOG BEAUTY, since I began with reviewing beauty products. After that, I began doing eye looks. I combined the two together and named it EYE BLOG BEAUTY.

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