By Bridget Fitzpatrick

    From a young age, we are told to speak our minds and stand up for what we believe in. No one tells you that your opinion will most likely be invalidated. Most times I share an opinion, I’m instantly shut down and told that I should think differently. Being a teenager with a strong opinion and belief system is challenging, to say the least.     I think differently than most people I know, and I actually care about the issues we face. I know what’s happening in politics, and I don’t think Trump is funny. To most people (primarily adults), I’m a loudmouth kid that knows nothing. They cannot silence my voice.
    Living in a mainly white, Catholic, conservative small town is tough sometimes. The majority of my thoughts, opinions, and ideas are invalidated because the people around me disagree with what I believe in. I can hardly even talk to my own parents without a shred of disapproval in their voices. I say black lives matter, they say all lives matter. I say Democratic, they say Republican. No matter what I think, they usually disagree. I’m treated like a child because of what I believe in. I’m constantly attempting to be loud in a crowded room.

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