Puppies and Popularity with Instagrammer Alexandra

Photographer and Instagrammer Alexandra is not your typical social media mogul-- each and every post on her Instagram is devoted to her adorable dogs. The stars of the show, Bella and Beau, have garnered more than 100,000 followers (@bellalovesbeau). When they are not rocking tutus and ties, these sweet pups can be found strolling the streets of Greece with loving caretaker Alexandra. Our editor, Olivia Ferrucci, talked about fans and the future with Alexandra and it was incredible!

Lithium: How did you come up with the idea to run an Instagram devoted so much to your dogs?
Alexandra: I started posting Bella’s pictures every now and then. When my doctor placed me on bed rest for two months due to a serious health condition, Instagram became my escape and my connection with the outside world… I quickly realized that I enjoy meeting other puppies and their owners online. Since then, I have met some great people that I am happy to call my friends. Without knowing it, they helped me through a hard period in my life and continue to do so today.

Lithium: Your page on Instagram alone has garnered over 100,000 fans. Were you expecting to gain such a wide audience, and how has it changed your life?
Alexandra: Not at all- it just happened. I simply keep posting our pictures along with the lessons life teaches me every day while trying to adopt a more positive attitude in life. It seems like many people are inspired! Instagram has changed my life in so many ways. I have many opportunities to work on beautiful projects, collaborate, spread the word about important messages like fighting animal cruelty, and forming friendships that make my life even more beautiful. 

Lithium: We have to know- Do Bella and Beau ever get recognized in the street?
Alexandra: Fortunately, no! Bella’s and Beau’s fans are not located in Greece
where we live! 

Lithium: What kind of opportunities has Instagram opened up for you?
Alexandra: Since the day I created @bellalovesbeau, I discovered my passion for photography and began studying it. I’m proud of all the collaborations I had so far with brands like Barkbox, Whistle, Daniel Wellington, Ogon Designs, Minted, Scotch & Hound, Zee Dog, Wear Pact, Guru Pet Food, Pipolli, Loli Bijoux, Arm the Animals, and more as a social media influencer and content creator.

Lithium: Oftentimes, Bella and Beau can be found adorning cute, colorful outfits. What are your favorite pieces they’ve ever worn?
 Alexandra: Some of the outfits Bella and Beau wear are created by me. The dresses and tutus Bella wears are usually my designs and I really love the way Bella looks in them! I often use kids clothes too, along with pet clothes… Two of my most favourite pet clothing brands are Bullove and Pipolli.

Lithium: Do you ever forced into silence with so much attention towards the dogs? 
Alexandra: Not at all…Nothing makes me happier than seeing people smiling because of Bella and Beau! My attention is always on B&B, so it makes me happy to see that there are people who love them and are interested in the messages we share in our account. Feelings and expressions are 100% stronger than words- I take so many things from the interactions between B&B and other people that sometimes, silence is all I need.

Lithium: What does the future hold for Bella and Beau? Any new projects?
Alexandra: We have the pleasure of joining new projects very often! One of the programs that we are very excited about and really can’t wait for is the release of the book “Dogs and Their People” on October 18, 2016  by Bark & Co. in which we participate with our story. Also, I have been on working on our blog for the last couple of years! Hopefully, it will be online soon.

Lithium: Why do you think pets hold such a heavy grip on social media’s popularity rankings, particularly in recent times?
Alexandra: Recent times have been hard, on a global level! Humanity is in crisis and dogs provide so many things while asking for almost nothing in return. Through social media, people see unknown stories about pets and their owners. Dogs, and pets in general, fill an emotional gap in someone’s life that unfortunately people around us often fail to fill.

Lithium: What’s your favorite story involving your puppies?
Alexandra: I could tell so many stories here! Bella is a very jealous French bulldog… she always wants all of my attention on her! Every time I want to cuddle with Beau, Bella either becomes very jealous and gets mad at Beau or she starts crying like a baby! I usually keep her busy with some extra treats so I can have some time with poor Beau! 

Lithium: Describe your social media experience in 3 words.
Alexandra: Fun, exciting, and amazing!

Lithium: How have you grown since you started on Instagram?
Alexandra: Not only did I grow up an artist and a photographer, but as a woman as well. The challenges I face online and the lessons I learn from them sometimes help me to embrace challenges in real life in a better way. The biggest lesson my online experience has taught me so far is to be myself and follow my instincts.

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