Silence Is Not Golden

By Lou Escobar

Those whose lives were taken far too soon will not be forgotten as most thought.

The hate crimes that are mislabeled as terrorist attacks will leave a bitter taste in the mouths of those who continue to live out the lives that were thrust from our grasps and left us holding on tightly to straws.
We will never stand for the injustice that this community faces on a day to day basis. Far too many have the audacity to remark it as a "sin", " mistake", or "mental issue".
We will not allow you to press our lips tightly and not speak the truth that displays itself to be seen. This is not some piece of art to dissect bit by bit in order to find the answer, because it was in front of us all along. 
The LGBTQ+ community has witnessed friends hunted down like wild gazelles far too often for us to bear any longer. We will not sit quietly while you toy with our feelings when you excuse their deaths as if they are cattle. 
We refuse to be erased from this narrative as the individuals in our community strive to be capable of living as they wish. We refuse to receive flowers as a symbol of sorrow as they pile up onto doorsteps flourishing into a garden of pain. There is no sense in silencing us, as we will fight for those whose lives were stolen. One day, they will be honored and the hate crimes will be seen just as that. Ugly, wretched crimes.

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