Sound of Silence: A Playlist

By Jada Moore

1. A Moment of Silence - The Neighbourhood
A literal moment of silence is the perfect way to start off the moody, romantic tunes shortly to follow.   

2. Tokyo Narita (Freestyle) - Halsey ft. Lido
This steamy piece sets the perfect tone for a calm night.

3. 12 - The 1975
12 can be found on The 1975's debut album and is one of the few beautiful transitioning pieces featured on the album. It is a serene and simple piece.

 4. Dauðalogn - Sigur Rós                     
This ethereal piece by Sigur Rós is heartbreaking. The sense of longing and sadness is not hard to miss, but the softness lightens the mood. 

5. Doing the Right Thing - Daughter 
Daughter is able to successfully mix serene tunes with a longing feeling all at once. "Doing the Right Thing" is a perfect example of the talented workings of Daughter. 

6. Fears - MTNS
An eerie mood of sadness and being lost is heard through this serene piece. 

7. Outro - M83
This piece starts off at a nice, slow pace. As the song continues, however, it picks up. Gone is the sound of longing and sadness as a sense of understanding takes over. This song represents the ending of this journey of emotions heard and felt.

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