Sublime & Focus

A meadow in summer
Between my head and my spine are roots and vines
Roll my neck back and see
A planet sighing into orbit serene
Cells in my fingertips fizz with the smell of it
That is how it was in the dream

Gathered in swaths of earthy clean sheets
Gravity caresses my edges and coaxes them green
Heat from the city doesn't hang in the breeze
So my eyelashes grow to rest on my cheeks
That's how I imagine it would be

Breath out, my knuckles and knees catch light that filters through trees
And wind plucks up lava to warm just me
Inherent and
Alive, alive, alive
Just for me
Just me
Alone and at peace
Just for me
Just me
I imagine this dream in highest esteem
Because all I wish to be is a passing breeze
Alone and at peace
Just for me
Just me.

She never lets the teapot shriek
Deals in threes and shades of easy green
Dawn to dusk she's swaddled in petals
And steeped in Renaissance scenes

She never feels her edges or her bones
Deals in wispy words, all she can heave   
Dawn and dusk she's praying for fog and mist to cover her up
Dawn to dusk she's dust to dust

Text and Visual by Sydney McMahon

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