Viner & Content Creator Amaury on Satire and Melanie Martinez

Amaury, more often known as 'acidhunk' on social media, possesses a persona both elusive and facetious. His collective videos on Vine are nearing forty million views, and he continues to gain attention (and controversy!). Editor Olivia Ferrucci talked about satire, social media, and Melanie Martinez with Amaury for the silence issue of Lithium.

Lithium: Your satire often goes over people's heads, causing quite an uproar. Is it frustrating to see individuals not appreciate your comedy, or do you enjoy it?
Amaury: I enjoy it! I think one of the reasons I like being so ‘extra’ on the internet with my
humor is the fact that it kind of confuses some people. It makes things a little more entertaining. Seeing people’s reactions and thoughts on some of my content and how mad they get over something as small as a joke is certainly thought-provoking. At the end of the day, I know that my audience understand my comedy and get that nearly everything is a joke. Actually, they typically join in!

Lithium: How does having such a large audience across multiple social media platforms affect the type of content you create?
Amaury: For the most part, it essentially guides what type of content I’m going to post next.
The only reason I post anything, ultimately, is because certain individuals are interested in the type of material I have created. I really only post what those people want! I just see what everyone’s enjoying and go from there. I’m far more interested in posting what others want to see as opposed to what I think is cool.

Lithium: Your YouTube video discussing a Melanie Martinez encounter has garnered more than 300,000 views. Were you expecting such an engaged reaction, and has the response altered your online presence in any way?
Amaury: I still can’t believe that! It’s so funny to me... I wasn’t expecting that type of reaction to it at all! I didn’t have the idea for that video up until five minutes prior to making it. I was on Periscope one night and everyone told me to film a video. I said, “Okay, what about?” and the general response was asking for a story time. Ideas such as concert experiences and Melanie Martinez came up, so I opened my camera and just went for it. Every aspect of that video was improvised. I came up with the story as I was talking! I was just hoping that a few people would get a kick out of it, but it quickly turned into something more than I had ever envisioned. The best part about it is that some people genuinely think it’s a real thing that actually happened. It hasn’t really altered me at all, besides the fact that I learned how to handle hate comments. That video sparked the most hate I have ever gotten - some people even sent me death threats - so it helped me learn how to block everything out and be myself more than I already knew how to.

Lithium: Which online platform do you find to be the most communicative, and do you primarily focus on a single one?
Amaury: I like Twitter a lot, the reason being that I don’t have to constantly show my face
on it to communicate my thoughts. Almost every other social network requires you to
show yourself as you talk! I hate that, because 99% of the time I hate how I look or don't feel 'camera ready', I guess you could say. It’s also easier to get what you want to say out there. I do use Snapchat a lot, too, but Twitter is my #1 girl!

Lithium: Is your online character variant from your real life persona?
Amaury: Honestly, not at all! What you see is what you get. I don’t really think of it as a character I’m playing or anything, because everything is myself. I don’t know whether that's sad or not! I do tone myself down a bit like when I’m at school, work, or out at family gatherings where I can’t be as verbal and outspoken as I am. Other than that, Internet and life coincide!

Lithium: What kind of opportunities has having an online following opened up for you?
Amaury: For me, the best opportunity has been all of the friendships I’ve made. I have met so many amazing people just by posting my content online and it getting around to people. The fact that me just having fun on the Internet and not really taking anything seriously has given me such wonderful, valued friendships is remarkable. There are obviously some financial opportunities and business opportunities that come along with it as well, but the only opportunity that really matters to me is friendship.

Lithium: You seem to never break character online, always maintaining a light and self-aware tone. Have there been times when you felt trapped by this persona, or does it further your online presence and what is expected of you?
Amaury: I’ve never really felt trapped, because almost everything I put online is truly me! There have been times in the past where I have been a little frustrated though. Since I joke around so frequently and my audience know that I’m all about having fun, they don’t always take me seriously. There have been instances in which I tried to speak up about something and people laugh it off or reply with something they think is witty and it annoys me. Or sometimes, people think it’s humorous to say rude things to me because they think it’s funny and hope it’ll make me laugh, but it’s like no - you’re just being mean. Other than that, though, I do love what I have going on.

Lithium: What can we expect from you over the next few months?
Amaury: This is a hard one! I honestly don’t even know what to expect from myself in the next few months. I’m leaving a lot of room for opportunity open and not really saying 'no' to anything. I plan on filming more often. I am going to be traveling and attending some cool events which I think will make for fun videos! I do think that this is really only the beginning for me; I don’t plan on leaving the Internet anytime soon. I’m just going to continue to be myself, have fun, and document it along the way.


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