When the World Ends

By Danielle Chelosky

“What do you think it will sound like when the world ends?”
Existential curiosity bursting out of me like bees eagerly fleeing their nest.
“Perhaps we should find out.”

Though he responds with no viciousness in his voice, his words tell a different story.
The sharpness in his eyes stands out almost as much as the fickle grin plastered on his face.
“You’re up to no good.”
I say it with as much fear as acceptance of his maleficence.
When is he ever well behaved? When does his smile ever hold good intentions?
“All stars stop shining.”
Condescending word choice, but I flash a grin.
“The earth is no star.”
Preferring logic over his poetic nonsense.
“We act as if this broken planet shines as bright as one. Maybe it’s time we show them how easy it is for it to go dark.”
Grin grows greater, sweat swelters while saturnine stirs in my sick stomach.
“It already is dark.”
His eyes flicker at me as if to say, hey, i’m the poetic one.
That is what there will be when the world ends
so maybe if we end this conversation
it’s like the same thing.”
So we sit and we sit and we sit
fidgeting with his wrist and he caresses my face.
The world will end but ours will go on even when silence is all that’s left.
He inhales a crystalline breath and his winter eyes fall onto me.
Silence unravels more truth than any words could.
I feel my limbs go numb and we are tossed off the bed into the dangerous dome of a sky
no landing to occur, just violent floating until we finally blackout.
Screams and bangs and noises of all sorts saturate the air
but we’re staying silent tonight.

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  1. I take the piece as unsettling, but that's what makes it appealing. The word "silence" is taken in a very heavy and sui generis context here, with great imagery to paint the picture well for the reader.