You Cannot Mute Us.

A letter to the "people" in our society: 

If I am a pessimist, I am depressed. 
If I am an optimist, I am impractical. 
If I am a confident person, I am arrogant. 
If I support trends, I am too mainstream. 
If I am inspired by you, I am a follower. 
If I speak my mind, I am seeking attention. 
If I am myself, I am not good enough. 

But society, you cannot silence us. You cannot silence the rule breakers, the troublemakers, and the revolutionaries. 

There is nothing in life that is stronger than us, so we will use that strength to lift ourselves up and not stay down. 

Photoset by Natalie Ondrik


  1. Such an important message to get out there.

  2. Fat shaming should not be a thing, but making people think it's okay to be overweight is downright wrong.

    1. Hi, Omar! Here at Lithium, we accept all body types and kindly ask that you do not comment such rude comments on pictures of the beautiful models featured. Thank you, and I appreciate your cooperation in advance!

    2. I see this magazine as a platform to express opinions. In no way is what I said rude or offensive.

    3. I respect your opinion, and Lithium is most certainly designed for expressing as such- I just don't see how these photos somehow promote the ideals you referred to.

    4. Think about it. An morbidly obese woman measuring her stomach and talking about society and how it has an acceptance issue. There can be different interpretations.

    5. Also, if you didn't understand what ideals I was referring to, then you are pretty simple minded to call me rude.