You Don't Need Words to be Heard

By Marina Shapiro

These songs have little to nothing in common except for the fact that they're all instrumental. If you're like me, any noise can speak to you, whether it be a guitar, waves crashing onto the shore, or the crickets chirping in your backyard. Nonetheless, enjoy the sounds of silence ranging from rock and roll electric solos to the soft plucking of acoustic strings.

Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin
This song is such a good jam; it's one of those songs you can learn every bit of despite its lack of words. For me, this song creates images similar to those belonging in old movies. It leaves you hanging, but brings in percussion like you've never heard. This is a definitive must-have in any rock 'n roll playlist- totally jam out to this one in the car. Who cares who's watching?

Eruption by Van Halen
This song connects to one of my favorite stories of my parents' childhood: when my dad was in middle school, he couldn't find any guitar chords and was therefore forced to figure out songs by ear. He would go to school and tell his friends he'd figured out this song on guitar, and they'd mock him, saying there's no way. He'd invite them over just to blow them away by banging out Eruption. My favorite part of this song is that it's just a killer guitar solo- I've never heard another like it.

Pennyroyal Tea Instrumental by Nirvana
Though this song normally does have lyrics to it, I love the Demo / Instrumental version as well. Nirvana completely embodies grunge rock, and this song does exactly that (even without Kurt Cobain's sweet lyrics).

Interstellar Overdrive by Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd is another of my favorite bands. This song is almost ten minutes long, but it takes you on a trip. You almost forget you've been listening to the same song for such a long amount of time. Interstellar Overdrive, like Moby Dick, is one of those songs you can learn every part of by heart even though it doesn't have any lyrics.

YYZ by Rush
"YYZ" makes me feel like I'm in the middle of a chase from a Western movie and on a long journey at the same time. This song has different sounds incorporated into one collective composition featuring multiple distinguishable parts, as well as some wicked drumming and guitar playing.

Funeral for a Friend by Elton John
This song does technically come in a two pack of Funeral For A Friend and Love Lies Bleeding, which does have words, but the first half is so great I couldn't resist adding it to this playlist. Elton John is an innovative and iconic artist and this song for sure does not fall short of his reputation. This song makes me feel like I'm in a space shuttle peering down at Earth and hoping my loved ones aren't too worried about me. The piano in this song creates a sense of longing in your heart as well as a hint of sadness, while the drums pick you up and keep you afloat among the stars.

Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny
The wailing of the guitar paired with the alluring whistles of this song put me in the mood to seek a rooftop and watch the night sky for hours with someone close to provide a shoulder to lean on. A perfect atmosphere is created simply by playing this piece; without words, "Sleepwalk" tells me to close my eyes and become one with what is around me, assuring me that I will have sweet dreams when night falls.

Concerto in D Major, RV 93: II. Largo composed by Antonio Vivaldi, performed by John Williams
Last but not least, a song that makes my heart soar. I could close my eyes and listen to this song on repeat for hours and hours. The image this song paints in my head is a sunny afternoon. The sky is dotted with clouds, and I am sitting in a field full of flowers. There's no city or civilization in sight and I am free of all daily stresses. The birds are singing and the air is cool. True happiness and light fills my body and I am dancing. Vivaldi is an amazing composer, and every one of his pieces is beautiful. This just happens to be my favorite.

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