By Laura Oyuela
Who will always be there for you? By now, your mind has probably flooded with names and faces, friends, and family. Even though this may not be what you expected, you cannot deny the real answer- YOU.  Introversion is something you might know well. When you find yourself planning, remembering, and thinking alone, you might have settled in solitude. The action of deep thought is crucial for every human being, but getting stuck inside it has certain drawbacks.
An essential verity everyone must know is why introversion is so important in one's life. Self-observation aids the development of personality and virtues. Also, it helps the individual to look out for himself and others. For instance, finding a solution to a problem is not such a difficult task if the person is confident and knows the right and wrong ways of dealing with a similar situation. Sometimes, introverts are seen as outsiders that seem to know nothing about what is going on, because they appear to be caught up in their thoughts. Few know that usually, they are perfectly aware of what is going around them. To contemplate deeply about any topic of life is never a waste of time. In fact, introversion may be a synonym for self-growth or inner-growth; these two actions are what makes someone search for who they are. An honest introvert will not be seduced and will be harder to catch by the momentary fashions, ideologies, or peer pressure. Introversion invites everybody to think.
As many people say, “Everything in excess is bad.” Becoming stuck inside self-observation may cause adverse attitudes, behaviors, and feelings. Introversion is fueled by what happens in the real world. This can range from experiences to disasters, or even something as simple as a song.  So, what happens when you cannot get out of it? Then, there is no more gasoline to fuel introversion. As a result, a singular set of ideas or thoughts will constantly repeat. Locking yourself inside you isolates you little by little. In some extremes, it may also detach you from everything occurring in the world.  You may swim for hours in your inner thoughts. As long as you remember to get out of the water once in a while to catch a breath, you will be able to continue swimming for the rest of your life.

At the end of the day, introversion truly contributes to who you are. It can help you grow and promote strong thinking, rather than merely reacting to a given situation without giving it a thought. When you feel everything is a rush and you find yourself desperate, sit by yourself and let the information filter through your mind. You will never regret being a thinker of today.

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