Casablanca: A Poem and a Playlist

By Sydney McMahon

Casablanca, My Love 

At Casablanca
My love, my lover, myself
To fate we fell into this place
To flee, it is up to me
Casablanca, hearts in three
My passion, my loyalty, My life
As time goes by, I have to wonder why
Why Casablanca brought me you again
My passion, my loyalty, my life
At Casablanca, I must decide
My love, my lover
My life

September Playlist- Ilsa Lund Moderne

Bassically- Tei Shi
Off & On- Findlay
Told You I’d Be with the Guys- Cherry Glazerr
To Myself- Mystic Braves
Nantes- Beirut
Call Me in the Day- La Luz
Because I’m Me- The Avalanches
All I Ever Wonder- St. Paul and the Broken Bones
Maybe -The Aquadolls
Chamber of Reflection- Mac Demarco
Sycamore Tree- Kali Uchis

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