Editor's Letter: September Edition

After a great deal of research, I have found that the word 'passion' has no true synonyms. There is no other phrase in the English language that defines a fervent love, an ardent need to create, or the sheer amount of emotion the human mind is capable of. I haven't been this excited about an issue since our self-love installment in February. Our content this month is rich, thoughtful, and beautiful. The Lithium team awed me with their creativity and brilliance, and I'm sure you will be too! Some of my favorite pieces include Julia Tabor's drawings of Lithium contributors (hint: I'm in there), Dvita's article on mental illnesses of all sorts, and this photoset by Marina Shapiro. I have had an incredible time learning more about our staff this month- not only through their submissions, but our newly established group chat. I cannot tell you how much this month has meant to me! Lexi and I work so hard to bring you the best material and message we can. We wanted the theme 'passion' because that is exactly what I feel for Lithium- it is why I put countless hours editing, trying to figure out HTML, or even making my dream of a New York City magazine birthday party come true (things I did: that). It's why I will never stop putting everything I have into this thing- this intangible creation that has given me hope. I am so endlessly inspired by not only the contributors, but our readers. Thank you for keeping me inspired and wanting to create. See you next issue- until then, stay passionate.

With the most love,
Olivia Ferrucci
Editor in Chief

Visual by Kathryn Zix

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  1. I am so in love with this magazine and everyone involved with it and it's ABSOLUTELY MIND-BLOWING to actually be able to finally comprehend the sheer amount of love, passion, creativity, and commitment that everyone puts into this magazine. In a way, it's become more than just a pastime or an outlet: it's become something larger than all of us. I think it's always been something we could all say we were a part of, something we contributed to - but now I think at some point you (as the creator) can look back at this and say you started a fire. Because this, this is a fire, and I'm pretty sure it's raging. I think I speak for all of Lithium's contributors when I say that we absolutely KILLED IT this issue (not like we weren't great before, this was just beyond great).