Ergo Sum

Pull the blinds and hear a shudder
For it was your arms to lift them
Dismiss the blurry vision
What was it?

To wear an invisible armor
That doesn’t weigh?
What is it?

To be a woman
To chew up and spit out
To be weary of even ones we sit in the thrones
To bang heads clash bones
with nothing else but flesh up the sleeve

To give with my hand when tongue cannot meet teeth
To solidify over mystify
To defy
my own self and name it comfort

To speak with a muscle

To listen
not hear

To guard with myself
those who gather around my rest

To be
knees deep
in left right side brain

They ask for one single word
What was it?
What is it?

Close the blinds
Hear the shudder
Start again tomorrow

Text and Visual by Angelica Crisostomo


  1. Few may understand this. This poem is very important to me.