Find Your Passion

“What are you passionate about?” is a question that frequently pops up in casual conversation, interviews, or even the process of drifting in one's mental abyss. When asked about my passion, I’d never had a solid, definite answer that I truly believed in. For a while, I couldn’t quite find anything that was worthy of being cast such a large role in my life. Anything I merely enjoyed, besides Netflix and scrolling through Instagram, would have to suffice. People believe that we as human beings were put on this Earth for a multitude of different reasons. Despite differences in beliefs as to why or how we got here, most can agree we should make the most of our time while it lasts. Being passionate about something is a primary way to extend your legacy here on Earth. It gives one something to live for and even leave behind after their time. Of course, everyone has a different definition of what this means too, tailored to one’s situation. There’s a passion waiting in the wings of your life, and this guide might be what you need to bring it out:

  1. Explore:
  • Make a list of things, hobbies, careers, etc. that you’re interested in. Research your list, and see if you can physically try something locally through classes, volunteering, or clubs!

    2.  Narrow In & Do More:
  • Reduce your list to what you’ve tried and truly makes you feel good. Next, go further with this list. If you like photography, you could make an Instagram page dedicated to your pictures, join yearbook club, or reach out to local photographers. Whatever you choose, find out which steps you can take to make your interests more than just hobbies.

   3.  Know Why:

  • Find out why your passion is your passion. This may sound painfully obvious, but make sure you can articulate exactly why you’re doing what you love. Is it because you enjoy being creative, or due to your belief in justice?

Visual by Aimee Cole & Text by Amanda Gordon

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