Mr. Globetrotter

My parents are disappointed in my brother
Because he likes to travel.
He’s a wild spirit,
Ready to up and leave in a moment’s notice.
He’s been fired from more jobs than I have fingers
And has been to at least twice as many countries.

They say he lacks the culture he grew up in.
Gave up his sense of community for individualism,
Leaving his family behind for globetrotting.
“He’s 30 years old, why hasn’t he settled down yet?”
Is a question asked to him more than ‘How are you?’

It makes me wonder,
That when I’m his age, will all my adventures cease?
Will I be the one my family talks about at family dinners,
The black sheep?
Is it a crime to want to commit to yourself
Before you commit to a significant other or a family of your own?
If I forget to call home, will it anger my parents?

I plan on exploring the Eastern world after college.
How much longer do I have after that
Before I have to settle down with my own family.
How long do I have before my free spirit becomes a family burden?

Text by Indie Fonkem & Visual by Soani Velez

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