Passion: A Collection of Short Poems

By Lexi Miller

Her hair blows
Surrounding her face
Like a vine entangling an overgrown garden.

Her laugh radiates
Extending in a warm embrace
Like the sun when she wakes up each morning.

My handwriting swirls around on my paper
As my cursive writing flies onto the page.
In my three years of high school, I have written
One creative writing piece.

I do not know how anymore.

Humans have the innate desire for attention.
I’m not sure why.
All I know is talking to someone feels better
Than the deafening silence of loneliness.

I’ll pour out my heart for you,
As long as you pour it back into the container
When you are done.

1 comment

  1. The similes convey beautiful imagery. The collection of poems overall stem from observation of life, which is perhaps the best way to find passion. Well done.