Passion Makeup Look

By Rally Telano

For all the makeup lovers out there, here is a symbolically passion themed eye look!

I mainly used the “Modern Renaissance” palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I also used “Sweet Peach” by Too Faced and “Butt ‘Naked’ Turn The Other Cheek” by NYX for a base and some extra highlighting.




For my base coat (highlighted above), I used this warm cream color in my NYX set just so the colors would be more pigmented. I used my blending brush to get a little more full coverage than just a regular brush for my lids. After applying plain, neutral shade, I went in with “Buon Fresco” in my crease and blended it out. After that, I applied “Love Letter” on the bottom corner of my lid and blended it into my crease.

I went over it with the dark brown “Cyprus Umber”. For being such a plain color in the palette, it is so incredibly gorgeous! Anyways, be conservative with the brown- a little definitely goes a long way. Blend it into your crease but only about to the middle of your lid, not all the way to the tear duct area. This makes "Love Letter" incredibly dark, so if you want a brighter and pinker tone, I recommend using barely any at all. To lighten up the lid, I went in with plenty of "Vermeer" which is one of my favorites in the palette (so shimmery!). I put this on my lid over all of the other products, then blending it out. By the way: this color has a LOT of fallout, so I went ahead and cleaned it up with concealer after I used it. This is the last color for the look, and you can do these last two steps only if you want to but I personally think this pulls a look together.




I went and used “White Peach” from the Sweet Peach palette and put some in the inner corner of my eye. I also went in with white eyeliner and lined my tear line, which makes your eyes look bigger! I then applied eyeliner and some mascara! Here's the finished look! I really hope you guys enjoy this makeup look and that it hopes it turns out as pretty as I think mine did!


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