Social media, or really any media, is plagued with boys and girls and all people in between dealing with mental illness. But that isn’t a problem- the problem is that these characters and people are romanticized. But these characters and people feel like us. They think like us, they might as well be us - so why is there an issue? Because self esteem issues aren’t cute, depression isn’t beautiful - and the “aesthetic” that goes along with it? That sure as hell isn’t cute. As long as we pair lovable characters and “Aesthetic Goals” with mental illness, we’re only adding to the stigma. Mentally ill people are not troubled. They’re not murderers or monsters (well, those individuals might be mentally ill, but again, think squares and rectangles). At the same time, their illness is not what makes them cute, edgy, or lovable. These people exist outside of their mental illness, they exist outside of the stereotypes and stigma that they have to put up with. While everyone loves a song about insecurities, glorifying them is detrimental. Loving a girl’s flaws because they’re flaws is detrimental. Everything that makes any aspect of mental illness is detrimental. You’re forcing standards on mental illness.

Photos by Esther Vdb & Text by Ry X

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