Writer's Block

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By Izzie Ramos-Foley

   Depending on how long my days are, I may lose track of time, rush through my assignments, and get to bed later than expected. When I lay in bed, I think of a to-do list inside of my head, visualizing it as I go. I need to practice more music, write more stories, read more books, study more notes… The list continues on, as if I’m counting sheep. My internal list of “mores” grows so tall that I develop an underlying feeling of anxiousness. But the feeling worsens if I struggle to complete my list. If I choose to focus on studying and it takes up all my time so I don’t have time to practice more music - I panic. As I begin to panic, I calm myself with reading, but soon realize I wanted to write more stories and articles. Staring down at my keyboard, it’s as though I’ve forgotten how to write. Something inside of me is blocking my ability to form sentences, or even think of a story. This results in a continuous pile of panic.
   I contemplate how I’ve managed my time, and what I’ve done wrong. Sadly, it took longer to come to terms with the fact that I hadn’t done anything wrong. I just lacked passion. I finally gained the courage to venture outside and find what makes me happy. I rested my brain, threw away my anxiety filled “to-do” list, and listened to nothing. Cleansing my mind changed my perspective. Passion can come from anything, and it can even come from nothing.  

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