A Change of Heart

Alternatively titled “From Beautiful to Ugly”
Written by Samantha Fabian
Visual by Julia Tabor

The thing I fear the most
Is when you see
All the beautiful things you thought about me,
Quirks and attitude you thought that built my strong persona
As something ugly, something annoying.

Like, perhaps,
My wittiness will just become
A way to humor your side
My stubbornness will just become
A decline to compassion
My attitude of carefreeness will just become
Another word for apathy
My recklessness and rebellious heart will just become
A run from responsibilities.


  1. the visual is out of this world!!! really nice collab!!

  2. Dude the visual and writing work so nicely together,,, and thE VISUAL OMG I AM IN LOVE

    1. thank you so much, kathryn!! and i know right! first time i saw it, i was speechless! i couldn't get over it! julia is so talented!

  3. This is so good... The visual is amazing too!!