Astrology Corner

Your energy radiates
From every inch,
I feel the glow
From feet away,
Cannot help but be drawn
To follow your lead,
Revel in the light of your passion.
You are hesitant to move forward,
But I encourage you,
Drop your fear and move fiercely.
Bask in your own glow.

Your tender fingers 
Draw us all near,
To be held in the embrace
Of your care. 
Your love has power,
To heals all, 
And we fall gracefully into your caress.
Push off hesitation,
Love in the aftermath of pain, 
Learn to trust again. 

You live with the love
Of another pressed against you,
The harmony of a partner sets you steady
In your imbalance,
You cower at the thought of being alone, 
But you yourself have the capacity
For a life born anew. 

The drive and patience
You exhibit draws them to you,
The realism in you pushes
Them away,
You long to find a match
To your dedication and support,
But fear you never will.
Set aside the fear and 
Embrace the beauty 
Of your perseverance.

Your creativity is alluring, 
Your expression, staggering. 
Those who know you have found
Comfort in your embrace time and again,
But have felt the brunt of your attitude far too often.
Anxiety pushes you away from softness
And warmth in love,
Cast it aside. 
Find the tender heart you have.

You long for center stage and light,
Your large personality and bubbling heart
Endear those around you, 
But your need for drama complicates things.
Do not be afraid to share your light with others,
Allow your loved ones to shine by your side. 

Your serious and calculated thoughts
Allow you to persevere through the hardest times,
Your sense of right and wrong
Clears the path for you,
Your need to get your way
Clouds it.
Relinquish your control,
Hand over the reins to someone you trust.
Bask in the freedom you earn.

You give most of yourself to others,
You strive to create change,
Your vision for the world around you 
Could lead you to great things.
Push past your fear of failure 
And have confidence in your intelligence.
You are a force 
To be reckoned with. 

Your energy and drive 
Make you a light that is best left on,
Your imagination and wit 
Are impressive to see-
Your impulsive nature
May cause fear of commitment in others.
Reassure them of your dedication
And your compassion,
The results will be endless. 

Your reliability and 
Presence of mind
Often make you a shoulder to cry on,
But some see you
As an unwelcome interference,
Don’t be afraid to tell them how you feel.
Your love and care for the issues of others
Makes you a friend to keep. 

Your passion for exploration 
And adventure
Make you the friend everyone loves to have.
Despite your courage in life 
You fear that your emotions will push others away.
Don’t be afraid to share how you feel,
Bring the courage in your daily activities
Into your friendships and your love. 
Be the openhearted person you long to be.

Your love and devotion
For those that you truly trust
Brings warmth and comfort to those around you.
You fear putting effort into new relationships
Which may limit your opportunities.
Work past those who have hurt you
And have confidence in the power of your heart. 

By RyLee Weatherby


  1. I!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!! THIS!!!!!!!! CONCEPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank youuuu!!! I took some inspiration from although her approach is different than mine

  2. I'm a Libra and you're pretty close! I definitely do not like being alone, whoops.