Existentialism: A Controversy on the Unknown and a Series of 6 Six-Word Stories

By Dharma Gilley

   There are two main definitions that pop up when you Google “egg”—an oval or round object laid by a female, usually containing a developing embryo, or a person possessing a specific quality. If you combine the two definitions, you end up with an existential theory. Andy Wier wrote a short story (titled “The Egg”) about said theory. In Wier’s scenario, a man dies and goes to a version of Heaven. While in this higher state of consciousness, the man meets a ‘god’ and is told that the whole universe is actually an egg—a place for him to grow—and every person inside is just a different version of himself. Each time he dies, he is reborn as a different person in a different time period, always trying to improve. Once he goes through enough lives and matures, he will be hatched and emerge as a god.

   According to science, a big bang occurred and then there was life. Various religions state that life consists of an abundance of soon to be reincarnated figures. These two concepts align perfectly with the egg theory, as there would not have to be an original “higher being” to make this happen.

   There are questions we must ask: Are theories such as “The Egg” a reality? Or are they an illusion? What is the truth about existence? Frankly, we will never know. Even when we die we may not know. People are born, people live, and people die—that is all we know for sure. There is not enough proof of anything more to absolutely know what comes when one dies.

   The amount of ideas and beliefs in existence make it impossible for unanimous agreement. Everyone follows whatever faith suits his or her needs. Religion brings hope to some, while a lack of religion can do so for others. Faith (of any kind) has a tendency to bring optimism. Whether that is trust in a god or in science does not make much of a difference. They both depend on the principle idea of something existing beyond our little galaxy—an idea that is comforting to most.

   One of the most crucial parts of existentialism and existence in general is diversity in conception and an acceptance that our lives are based on the unknown. We as humans face the uncharted daily. We are made to endure the unfamiliar. Life is, after all, a shot in the dark.

*I am not discrediting any scientific or religious beliefs. This piece is strictly an essay on the controversy of religion and existence. I apologize in advance if I offend anyone with my words, as that is not my intention.

A Series of 6 Six-Word Stories
By Dharma Gilley

Mystery in existence, mystified by myself.

Ethereal: too magnificent to be earthbound.

An egg—you are the world.

Reincarnation: We are past and future.

Plausible concepts, differing theories, specific beliefs.

Death creates an unexplored, unsettled life