Friendly Advice From A Growing, Carefree Black Kid

This month's theme really resonates with me on a personal level. The crazy thing about fear is that nobody knows if it's really good or bad. That's something that I've thought about a lot lately (I know, dramatic), but it can be particularly relevant as a teenager. People are constantly subjected to fear, sometimes even on purpose. Thinking about it, a lot of our feelings, opinions, and emotions get invalidated and generalized more than they should. If I'm being honest, I've pretty much always resented the whole concept of fear up until recently- especially since the entirety of my high school experience has been shaped by the endless misadventures I've had rooted around fear and anxiety. But (here comes the revelation) I've noticed something so important lately about fear itself! YOU CAN TRY TO SCAM IT AND USE THAT JUNK TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

It obviously sounds cliche and corny, but it's true. Fear, if applied to your situation the right way, can be shaped into more of an obstacle or perhaps a mind game. In my case, it can function as a humorous attempt to distract you from reality. Here are some things I've noticed: Fear and anxiety have slowly started to shape my personality in an awkward and quirky way which I find weird but HILARIOUS. Also, I feel more authentic as I've started to see fear as more of a way to connect with others, through being honest when I'm scared or nervous. I've stopped trying to fight and prove myself against it. Trust me, this will eventually help you connect with others through similar experiences. Good luck becoming the best most authentic you as possible!

Photos and Text by Patrick Thompson


  1. This really sits with me as one carefree black teen to another. Keep it up, Patrick!

  2. cuuute and a great takeaway!