By Izzie Ramos-Foley

   He wondered if they could see him as he sat quietly in the back of their car. The sun started to set as they continued driving up the mountain. From the passenger side, they could see the rest of California tucked behind clouds. They were almost a mile up from the rest of civilization, and the air was starting to get thinner. His stomach dropped when he looked down.

   There were only two other people in the van: a young girl and the driver. The girl wore a leather jacket paired with partially ripped, bright red jeans. She had a fresh face, but she was deep in her thoughts as she gazed out the window. The driver didn’t show any interest in the journey uphill, as he hadn’t even bothered turning the radio on to break the silence. The girl’s was blasting in her head, but could be heard only faintly from the outside. Following the beat, she drummed with her fingers and softly whispered the lyrics while trying not to disturb anyone else. The boy in the back gazed at her intently. As the long drive continued, her face changed, and she eventually stopped whispering, as if she was too sad to continue. The music stopped blasting in her ears, and the car went silent.

   Her hands started to shake, but they continued to roar up the winding roads. With what light was left, the boy saw she started to cry but she still gazed out the window. She was afraid, but he couldn’t tell what she was afraid of.

   He tried to break the silence. “Are you okay?”

   The silence lasted until they reached their stop, which was about two hours later. She was hesitant in getting up. Wiping her running mascara, she looked somewhat embarrassed. The entire time, he was invisible, like they forgot he was there. He could’ve tried to comfort her, or asked her why she was so upset. She opened the door, but before leaving the van, she turned back and looked at the boy in the back of the car, and spoke to him.
“I’m okay.”


  1. Dude this concept and the way it was executed and the way you describe the scene are amazing.

  2. The words practically fly off the screen! The scene is so easy to imagine.