Last Minute Halloween Costume: Eleven

If youre a citizen of Earth and a little active on social media, youve probably noticed that the majority of our population has been obsessing over Stranger Things, a science fiction Netflix series about some mysterious supernatural phenomena. If you havent watched it yet, I highly recommend you do that. Go watch it! (Seriously, stop reading. Look it up. Stranger Things. Watch it. N O W.)

As a passionate lover of Stranger Things, I decided to dress up my sister (who is, if for some unknown reason you hesitated, also in love with the series) as Eleven.

You have a few hair options for this costume. The first one is using Elevens natural hair, which is a buzz cut, as a reference. If you already have a buzz cut or want to get one anyway (yes, girls can rock buzz cuts!), this is the best option. But luckily, for everyone who is not comfortable with chopping all their hair off, Eleven also wears a wavy blonde wig. My sister naturally has wavy blonde hair, so no styling was necessary. Otherwise, you can search for a wig.

Luckily for you, you also wont need any make-up skills for this look: just let some fake blood drip from your nose. An optional addition is to intensify the bags under your eyes by using dark (matte) eye shadow. Pretty easy, isn't it?

We chose to use Elevens girlyoutfit as a costume. Shes wearing a pastel pink dress (we combined a top and a skirt instead of a dress) with a white collar, a blue jacket (we used a jean jacket, but any dark blue bomber jacket or rain coat will be fine!), white socks with green and yellow stripes (ours only had black stripes) and white Converse (any white shoes you have are perfect!).

This last accessory is optional, but an essential: Eggos! We made our own box by printing out the front of an Eggo box and gluing it on a cereal box.

And thats it! You can now be the queen of every Halloween party in your Eleven costume. Happy Halloween!

Tutorial by Esther Vdb