Phobias: The Lithium Series

This issue, Julia and I talked to some Lithium contributors to find out some of the phobias we suffer from. Remember: at the end of the day, we are all human. Though we may have phobias, we’re all still beautiful.

Arachnophobia- the fear of spiders and or other arachnids

Tokophobia- the fear of pregnancy and childbirth

Spheksophobia- a deep fear of wasps

Thanatophobia- the extreme and or irrational fear of death 

The fear of addiction

Hydroskourophobia- the fear of deep, dark, and murky water

Astraphobia- the fear of thunder and lightning

The fear of wasting time

The fear of the talent and quality of work

The fear of falling off of a mountain 

                                  Text by Jada Moore and Illustrations by Julia Tabor


  1. Dude these illustrations are SO good omg I love your style.

  2. JULIA, THESE ARE SOO INCREDIBLE! I'm inlove with your style! This is also well curated. Love this piece!

  3. This is so incredible. I struggle with the fear of wasting time and the fear of the talent and quality of work.