Please Slow Down @Time

Written by Samantha Fabian
Visual by Kathryn Zix

Everything is moving too fast. It has been and will be.
The modern will be the classic.
Current fashion is j-walking to old ones.
New apartments will turn to old abandoned houses in an unpopular city.
Young love becomes old and forgotten.
Childhood sweethearts become aged couples.
Next year will just turn into "a long time ago".
Forever just turns into “sorry-ever-after”.
Teenage dream becomes a distant happy memory or some unfulfilled dream.
Existential crisis you were having when you were 16 years old becomes middle life crisis.
"Flawless" turns wrinkled.
Grandparents become the next ashes and bones.
Old friends become strangers you never had the chance to know again.
Fathers become grandfathers.
Granddaughters slowly become the next grandmothers.
Uncles become some old unmarried men living states away from yours.
And everyone and everything is turning in its oldest state or form.
Next thing you know, you're just some old woman stuck in a teenage haze or an old man missing a past generation. And I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared.


  1. Oh, the text and visual are so incredibly accurate to convey the message to me. I'm glad I'm not alone in this panic. (Did I mention how stunning the visual is?)

    1. thank you, danielle! (and i know right! kathryn is so good)