Space Is Not My Place

some will spend eternity for the stars have helped them to see

but space is not my place

although it is quite beautiful

i cannot see
much of anything else

until orbit stops
these hands will eternally shake

and the constellations will unravel before me

Photoset by Kathryn Zix
Modeled by Eryn, Sergio, Ben, and Bella


  1. i'm ur biggest fan. ur work always tugs on my heart a lil

  2. I KNEW THIS IS YOURS BEFORE I EVEN SAW YOUR NAME!!!! YOUR WORKS GIVE ME THIS AMAZING VIBE I CANNOT EXPLAIN! Also I'm so inlove with the way you edited these it's out of this world #punintended?!?!?

  3. Kathryn Zix is an artist. Don't know how else to say it.

  4. Great Creativity... Outstanding Job.