The Law of Conservation of (How to Make Yourself) Matter

Words fall onto your page like raindrops on a parched, cracked land begging for salvation. You sit on the straight-backed wooden chair on your little desk (one that seems majestic when you’re engulfed in Shakespeare or imaginary numbers or how your fingers never actually touch because electrons repel each other) inside your purple walls on the third floor of this grandiosity that you are supposed to call home. Your home on Fifth and Madison Avenue where the only noise is your footsteps on empty walks down to the bus stop that stinks of cigarettes. This street, rolling down the town, a tributary to the main street bustling with life – a contrast to the eerie serenity of the rest of the town. This town in a state of culture and scared faces with heads of brown, black, blue, green: every color you could possibly think of. This state in a country that joins palms in times of terror and rejoices in times of accomplishment. This country on the blues and greens (and white clouds on the map) of planet Earth. This earth, in a solar system constantly revolving around a hot and bothered Sun and this Sun, surrounded by stars in a Milky Way of broken, inconsequential human hearts.
You sit on your little chair in your inconsequential world and you are overwhelmed- you do not impact the world, you do not change the whirlpool of stars in the Milky Way or the masses of people rushing down main street and you are terrified.
In the mild seventeen years I have been in this society of mere human beings on this majestic planet, I have always feared being a Nothing. I have also learned, that fame, Changing The World, and popularity are not the only ways to have a legacy. I have learned that all you must do is impact the thoughts of one person on this planet so they can hopefully cause a domino effect.
The law of conservation of matter states that matter cannot be destroyed or created. This means that the atoms on this planet are recycled to create new life on the loss of another. Your atoms are consequential. Bestow the impact of them onto another, and your matter is consequential - it circles this planet in an endless loop of time. It cannot be destroyed.
Declare your beliefs, tell someone your fears, tell them how you over come them. Transcribe it into their atoms and you will be consequential.

Text by Dvita Kapadia and Visual by Jasmin Yeganeh Garousi


  1. Beautiful. The text is told in an astoundingly beautiful and honest point of view which I love just so much.

  2. Undeniably one of my favorites in this issue! Been coming back to this every now and then.