An Excerpt from My Head

Alternatively titled “This Feels like a Run-on Sentence”

Then I thought of how much I want you in my life right now and how maybe one day when things are already different you will finally decide to find your way back to me and I won't appreciate it the way I could've and I’ve imagined and I think of how maybe I'll just skip your pages and not be all over you once you're in front of me, at my front door, and that makes me not sad and sad at the same time. I wonder if we'll ever meet some people on the same page; if we’re just supposed to be parallel lines but never intersecting ones.
We waste feelings at the wrong time and have nothing left when the right one comes.

So unaligned. 

                                                Text and Visual by Samantha Fabian


  1. Your visuals are so recognizable, with little words attached, but just enough.

    1. one of the greatest compliments i've received. thank you.

  2. "if we're just supposed to be parallel lines...". LOVED this. your visuals are always so good and relatable.