Girl Intensity

Assorted Poems (Life Ebbs and Flows and It Seems All We Can Do Is Let It Send Its Currents Through Our Veins Until the Very End) 

A3: Ode to the color pink 

Breeze, woven into tapestry 
W-w-weave yourself into a rose garden and have your roots steep in fertile ground 
Sleep, soundless with the cicadas 
And unfurl into the hummingbird glory of day 
Bloom into springtime
Flourish into infancy
Into berry cheeks of pond nymphs
Into velveteen morning 
Into cherub wing bed sheets
Into the color pink 

A7, Part One: Important Announcement 

 From here on out (until the Andromeda galaxy collides with the Milky Way) a yellow rose will always represent deep and incurable loneliness 

A7, Part Two: Acorn Hat Collection 

All humans have yellow roses pressed on the inside of their skin (if you don't believe me, punch someone very hard in the face and after the blue fades, you'll see the yellow roses bloom) 
But I imagine if you find your soulmate, your lonesome doves days can fade for a year or two 

In order to attract your yellow rose vaccine 
Collect the acorn hats from acorns that fall off the trees by your house 
And line them up in your windows or on the shelf where you keep your butterfly wings 
And when visitors see your acorn hat collection they will say to themselves, "Oh dear, what a lonely bastard!" And then they'll think to themselves that they're a lonely bastard too and then you will fall in love and be evergreen (until you're yellow again) 

83: The Den 

Honey honey lullaby 
Honey honey sweet 
Lulled honey into the light bulbs
And they glow so warmly,
The ground packed into a pod all around 
Roots dangle from the ceiling with emeralds 
And they glow so warmly,
We are so deep 
We hold our ears to the silky earth 
And hear the molten center churn 
We hear her heart beat
And we beam 
We glow warmly 
We sit among petals and feathers
And I hold you like your mother did 
Before you were born
And I hold your cheeks 
I hold you I hold you I hold you 
And coax your ghosts into little beads of amber 
That I roll into a woven basket very very far away 
They are in a land far far away 
And your heart beats 
And you glow warmly.

No.81: Good Things Come in Threes 

I feel like the air is filled with more time than usual I feel like I'm filled with more air than usual I feel like time is filled with more of me than usual

No.70: Paper Perfume Bottle in the Pond with Nixies 

When animals rot, they replenish the earth 
When people are born, they go to church 
Or they don't 
Either way they rot and rot and rot 
Until their decay seeps down into the drains and trickles around the globe and poisons the water until it's red with hate 
And then the water nixies that live in the pipes get very angry and bang on brass drums that sounds like a heartbeat and set the pace 
For the trains that bring the children to the frontier of their holy crusade 

No.66: Clockwork Lullaby 

Let me put on my white clockwork gloves 
And wind all the gears with guts and tears
So the tower plays a lullaby 
That laces through the streets 
That lulls dragons to sleep
That lingers with the children peacefully

Let me put on my white clockwork gloves 
And you will kneel at the towers feet 
And pray I don't play 
A lullaby 
That suffocates the village beneath 

40. My ribs get sore when I lay too much in bed 

There's an immensely dense magnet about 3,000 feet under the ground beneath my house

And when I go in there and lie down in my sheets the immensely dense magnet sends up wave fields that press their greasy wrinkled hands around my body 

And the magnet is immensely dense so I get stuck there for quite a while 

And my ribs get sore and the pressure from the magnet pushes at my organs and, like bedrock, they solidify and get denser and denser until they push to the center of the earth where the pressure is even greater and they turn into magma 

And then I'm below the magnet so I just slip out the other side of the earth and then I'm free 

No.27: Militant Nirvana 

Today I wasn't enough

And I saw you bereft and the blood drained through the bottoms of my feet into a big pool that spun around me like the Milky Way and howled damnation into me like I was a black hole that was never a star or an angel or a precious stone or silk or warm or 
I can be more 

I promise

I'll never leave 

I'll be everything 

No.24: A Study in Interpersonal Orbits 
Giant and Dwarf 
The dwarf will orbit the Giant because the Giant has more gravity 
Two Giants 
The giants will compete for dominance until they collide into each other, making an even greater star with even greater gravity 
Two Dwarves 
Two Dwarves will orbit around a shared gravity until one dies and then I don't know what 

No.23: Opal Stream, Crocodile Hag

Crocodile tears, opals down my cheek 
In every parking lot, bathroom, empty street
Retreat to the cove, aquamarine 
Where the water witch lives in a stream 
Lives in the stream and makes aquamarine 
Aquamarine, every part of me 

Glory to serpents and eels 
Writhing and kicking up pebbles that settled 
And began to erode with ebb and flow,
They scrape their hides
Ruby plumes lick into the river serene
And diffuse
And poison the water


I linger,
On thoughts,
Not mine.

I cast them off my body and I howl and I scream and I claw at the plumes to disperse 
I don't deserve witches and eels and coves of opal tears
The Others have it worse! 
I am the hag who cries crocodile tears 
Who steals the warmth from the children's bones and calls their coldness her own
I steal from the children their names and they cannot bare their teeth 
Because I am the hag who cries opal streams 
I am the hag who cries pity
I am the hag
I am the villain!
Pretends to be weak, weak as the others
For herself 
For her foraged identity 
While the Others have it worse!
I am the withering hag, pray Salem comes for me

No.18: A Fairy Tale I Wrote at Nighttime 

It’s hard to write nice things at nighttime. When it's dark it looks like the absence of light but in reality the air is also filling with a black iridescent mist that swirls around in the not-light and taps playfully at your window and when it crawls into your bedroom (the mice in your walls are very kind and let the mist in) its tendrils go right for your feet where you have less consciousness and creep up to your head on tiptoes and pointer fingers held at its lips and when it gets to your head it is very tired from its travels (I imagine the mist comes from very deep down inside the earth- perhaps even the center) and so it curls up and falls into a deep deep sleep and so at night when you feel there is a dark sparkly mist coming from inside you it is because there in fact is. 

No.15: Red

Red is the color of inner peace 
If our bodies had no edges, the world would be Red 
If the oceans were Red, we could sink down into them and only our skin would separate us from completion 
If everything was Red, everything would be warm 
The cold that paralyzes us would melt away
And we could melt too
If everything was Red, everything would be true 
Red is the color of inner peace because Red makes us feel the loudest
When you feel the loudest, you feel the truest 
Red makes us true
Red is the color of inner peace 

Text by Sydney McMahon and Visual by Laura Oyuela


  1. An absolutely flourishing piece.

  2. i am so in awe. the text is so incredibly beautiful. a true poet.

  3. wow. the last one really got me.. i love the images it portrays. also i love red