Palm Springs Pride was glittery and glowing. The aura of the sun soaked streets allowed every individual to shine so bright, making the festival seem like the happiest place in the world. The parade lasted around two hours, running through blocks of sweaty people cheering and applauding in support of the LGTBQ community. No one complained, and if they wanted to, they bit their tongues. The parade was so heartwarming it was almost impossible to feel down. Drag queens floated down the street in their knee high stilettos, bright wigs, and sparkly dresses. Gay couples dressed their dogs in rainbow coloured jackets, and gleefully smiled at each other. They were both in the safest place where they could happily be themselves. Not one person was on their phone, since we were so captivated by the parade itself to bother checking what was happening online. The road was covered with rainbow confetti, and the day ended with an alluring orange sunset. We managed to block out all the negativity that the community pushes through, and it allowed us to forget about the rest of the world, just for one day.

                                                            By Izzie Ramos-Foley


  1. A shorter piece, but so relevant right now.

  2. i really love the image. it was nice to see a more positive piece of work regarding lgbt, considering all the negativity rn.

  3. "They were both in the safest place where they could happily be themselves." Thank you for verbally capturing a feeling I'm dreaming of.