Recharge with Lithium: Advice from the Team on How to Conquer Your 'Creative Block'

No successful artist or creative has ever said that they never went through the strenuous prison of artist's block. We've all been there, even the most famous ones, the "greatest ones" who have left a legendary mark on human history. We, here in the Lithium team, have been going through the same thing and perfectly understand how excruciatingly annoying it is—wanting to be able to create something for yourself and for the world, to be able to express yourself freely, and then being hindered by the hostility of solely a creative block. 

Science tells us that one of the most important uses of Lithium is in the batteries we have in our homes, and basically just everywhere else. So allow some of the members of the team to help everyone in dire need to Lithium-ize away that creative block in order to squeeze out all your creative juices, all for the growth of yourself and for the goodness to the rest of the whole world:

Find inspiration by always taking note of why you're doing 'what' you're doing. Even though I'm a visual artist, I look for inspiration from various things like film, poetry/writing, music and even the people around me. I find it helpful since it changes your perspective and from there, you can stitch out your own ideas and start creating. -Julia Tabor

Listen to music that inspires you. Loud. Sit down, take a deep breath in and just write whatever comes through your brain—it doesn't have to be good. You have to get through the bad stuff to get to the good stuff. Once you know it's getting good, you have two options: go with whatever you're writing or google prompts that give you ideas and make them your own. A good addition is hot chocolate and a cozy sweater with blankets in a cold room. The main idea though is to GET inspired. Don't wait for inspiration, force it to come to you; make it sit down, strap on and enjoy the ride. -Dvita Kapadia

When I am in a creative block, I think about a problem that is occurring in my life, or something that is bothering me or on my mind at the time, and I think about how I can express it through art. -Kathryn Zix

Whenever I really want to draw but have absolutely no idea what to draw, what I usually do is look through my photo albums on my phone. I do this because whenever I'm on social media, I screenshot things that inspire me. Looking through really helps me get an idea of what I wanna draw. -Daisy

Usually, we encounter a creative block when our minds are preoccupied and 'unmotivated' to get things done. If you can't get things done right away, don't pressure yourself, don't rush. Don't devote yourself to being a slave to time solely. Relax for a moment and try to unwind in simple ways: take some breaths out of your abode, allow more sunlight in your working space, clear/organize your working space as well so that your mind doesn't reflect a confusing mess. If views outside of your window inspire you, allow yourself to work facing a view. If you're easily distracted though, it's best to face a blank wall where you can allow your imaginations to dance freely. 
As a writer, I find inspiration through good (quick) reads from online zines or those mind-bending passages I've saved up from my favorite books. As a photographer, my main source of inspiration is by going outside and immerse myself in just wherever, translating everything I find in sight and correlating them with anything I'm feeling or thinking. Basically, just experiment, experiment, experiment. -Iya Perez

Compiled by Iya Perez
Visual by Julia Tabor


  1. this is amazing. so on point. "When I am in a creative block, I think about a problem that is occurring in my life, or something that is bothering me or on my mind at the time, and I think about how I can express it through art. -Kathryn Zix" i relate to this so much. this is like the best way that always works for me. my problems seem to have more power over my creative block than any literature inspiration i could think of.

  2. So helpful. Love this. And love the visual as well!

  3. Thanks you so much!! Good advice and this is GREAT