शांति (Shanti)

you exposed me under 
starlight that barely hit my skin.
a lick of your lips, a warm kiss,
my bones leaving shards against 
your fingertips

the moon hung under the falling trees,
falling to my knees, I begged for more,
begged for you, begged for forgiveness,
begged for a happily ever after and
a last first kiss

the bench was cold underneath 
our bare skin, I promised I would
cross the ocean to fill the void,
I would run across the desert and
tie you to my wrist so you wouldn’t float away

it was so loud – it felt like silence.
dried leaves falling in a pile on the concrete.
you let out the hollow truth in a whisper
sending shocks down my spine 

I believed every word you uttered
because I was in Love with a capital L
and if you think I'm insane than I probably am
and I need to Calm Down, s l o w  down
reign in the unforgivable tendrils of this awful energy

                                                                            all I'm left with is:

energy can not be destroyed
but it can be transferred-
you stole my energy
and all I could whisper was
                                                                                       “i love you”

Text by Dvita Kapadia and Visuals by Jasmin Yeganeh Garousi


  1. This was so beautifully executed. The visuals and the words are wonderful. What a great piece.

  2. Though the art speaks for itself, it doesn't contradict the poetry. Instead, they blend together, inquisitively. Love this.

  3. what a beautiful collaboration. however, each aspect is able to shine on it's own. i've come back to this a few times since it released. really lovely