Why Jandy Nelson's "I'll Give You the Sun" is One of My Favorite Books

"A few steps into the walk, I see the kid from the roof, 
leaning against a tree, the same grin, 
the same dark green hat spinning now on his hand. 
His hair's a bonfire of white light."

Filled to the brim with beautiful words and unforgettable characters, Jandy Nelson encompasses the appreciation of art, innocence, and LGBT+ individuals in this coming of age novel.

I'll Give You the Sun revolves around the stories of two twins, Noah and Jude, during two different periods of their lives. As an introvert, Noah spends most of his time doodling and sketching his thoughts. When he doesn't have a pastel in his hand, he creates amazing (and sometimes comical) paintings in this head. 

One day, a boy with "a bonfire of white light" for hair named Brian moves in next to him. They soon develop a strong and unlikely friendship. Brian, filled with charisma and charm, wears an odd green hat everywhere and has an attractive amount of confidence. Noah can't help but feeling more for his new friend and he can sense that Brian feels the same. 

"And we become clumsy magnets, 
bumping and knocking into each other, 
grazing hands, arms, legs, shoulders...
it's like swallowing lightning" 

Jude's section of the story leaves readers with a sense of confusion as Noah has given up art and throws parties. Only two years have passed since Noah has met Brian and readers are left to wonder what exactly happened during those years. 

However, tied with Noah's hilarious commentary and nerve-filled actions, this sweet and adorable story will make it hard for you to put down. 

By Daisy Acosta