A Celebration Message

This photo set was just a random thought of fun makeup and lighting, but I'm realizing that I grew up with these two girls. One was a neighbor, my first friend when I moved to a small city in Virginia. The other was the nicest girl I knew in elementary school. Any time someone would say, "Who's the nicest person you know?", you would always say Tatianna. Any time I'd be asked, "If you could spend an entire day with just one person, who would it be?", I would say Tionna. Both girls are amazing, and it's so crazy to seem them growing up so fast (I say, even both they're both older than me). To see them changing as people, but still remaining the two friendliest people I know is a very big celebration. The one with the shorter hair is Tionna (@official_catteleah) and the one with the braids is Tatianna (@its.tatianaaa). Styling was done by myself and Tianna (@world_out).

Photos by Kayleigh Marie


  1. Absolutely stunning photography and lighting. I could stare at these photos forever!