Birthday Candles

When I hear the word "celebration", I tend to think of many happy birthdays spent under the roof of my home of 15 years. I think of family, balloons, and my favorite- cake. One thing people forget to think about is that not everyone gets to have a happy birthday. Millions of children in America are left homeless every year- 1.6 to be exact. That sums up to about one in every 45 children a year. Each year, each one of them will be homeless on their birthday- left cold, hungry, and another year older. Some children have gone their whole lives without having the joyous celebration the rest of us experience on our birthdays. Think about it: They've never been serenaded, never felt the joy of unwrapping gifts, never blown out numerous candles on their cake. Birthdays should be filled with love and celebration, and with non-profit organizations such as Birthday Wishes, the homeless youth of America are not only given a cake decorated with candles, but they are also thrown a party filled with singing and dancing. Even though the next day they will have to face the harsh reality of life on the streets, they can have just one day, one moment, to forget and join in the celebration of their birthday. My photo series strives to reflect the darkness surrounding the issue of homeless children not given a proper birthday celebration, but how with one "bright" idea, a light is casted on their face as they smile and blow out their birthday candles.

By Brooks Sullivan


  1. This is very humbling. It gives you a perspective that not many people have. Great article.

  2. Incredible piece, really powerful. Beautiful message, beautiful girl.

  3. really love this concept. beautiful work here.