Christmas DIY's: Get Creative

Our household is hosting Christmas this year and my mother has assigned me 'decorator'. 
After browsing the stores for no more than an hour, I decided that paying £30 for a tacky flashing snowman is the opposite of a good investment. But not yet discouraged, I put on a Christmas playlist and made the quick Google search of 'simple Christmas decor crafts'. I was soon to discover, however, that even the simplest of Pinterest diys requires an armoury of craft tools; I do not even own a glue gun.

So, I dug out coloured card, glue, scissors, and string to show you how you can easily create some Christmas decor. All these DIY'S serve to inspire you; feel free to develop them as you please!
Nonetheless, I wish to remind you that whether your house is decorated or not, there are those who do not even have a home this Christmas. A simple act of kindness, such as a donation to a local charity, could make an enormous impact on someone's Christmas experience this year.

DIY 1:  Hanging Snow Swirls.
You will need scissors, paper, glue, and string.

1. Cut some A4 paper of your colour choice into wide strips, ideally between 0.5 and 1.5 cm wide. 
2. Open your scissors and place the inner side of one blade at the top of a paper strip. With your other hand, hold the top of the strip while dragging the scissors down the strip. This technique should cause the paper strip to curl up slightly. 

3. Depending on how curled you would like your paper, repeat this step as necessary. I recommend doing a few trial swirls to see how many times you will need to repeat!
4. Once you have 3-4 pieces of curled paper, glue the tops of your swirls together.
5. Attach 15-20 cm of string to the top of your swirl using glue and tie the string in a loop.

Alternatively, you could punch a hole in the top of your swirl to loop the string through. 
6. Hang up your 'snow swirl' and enjoy the twirling! 

DIY 2: They-could-have-been-bought-at-the-store Paper Chains.
You will need scissors, A4 paper, and glue.

1. Cut your paper width to form strips about 2 cm wide. You will need 55 of these strips to form a chain approximately 150cm long.
2. Glue around 1 cm of the ends of a strip together to form the first link in your chain.
3. Loop another strip through and then proceed to glue the ends of this strip. Repeating this step is what will form the chain of paper links. Alternating the colours of your paper strip could have a particularly festive effect.
4. Create one paper chain that is 25 loops long and 3 smaller chains that are 8 loops long. You will have 6 strips remaining.
5. Using one of your remaining strips, attach the beginning of a smaller chain to the second link of your large chain. Attach the other end of the small chain to the eighth link on your large chain using the same method.

6. Attach the end loops of the second small chain to the tenth and sixteenth links of your large chain and the end loops of your final small chain to the eighteenth and twenty fourth links of the large chain.
7. Hang up your chain and enjoy its fancy festivity! 

DIY 3: The Easiest Decoration EVER!
Tired of finding room to place your Christmas cards? Want to flaunt the abundance that you have received? This craft will satisfy both!
You will need string and Christmas cards.

1. Cut some string to approximately 2 m in length. This step is, of course, adjustable to your needs.
2. Attach the ends to a wall. I used blue tack.
3. Hang your cards! 

DIY 4: Magical Standing Star
You will need scissors, six sheets of A5 (i.e. half of a sheet of A4) card, and glue.

1. Fold a sheet of A5 card at a corner until two edges meet. Trim off any card which has not been included in the fold. You will be left with a diagonally folded square.

2. After repeating the first step with six pieces of card, glue each diagonal half to another half to fashion a 'star'.
3. Stand your star!

By Chiara Seed