December Nostalgia

December is always a month of mixed feelings for me. The year is ending, as is the first semester of the school year. Winter is truly setting in in southern Arizona. This time can be melancholy and nostalgic in both joyful and saddening ways. However, a new year is coming upon us and that is always something to look forward to. Every month, I create a playlist that adheres to the season, events, and my moods during those weeks. I will probably add more songs as the month progresses, and I hope you enjoy.

White Room by Cream
Wait for Me by Motopony
Maggie May by Rod Stewart
He Would Have Laughed by Deerhunter
Cherry-coloured Funk by Cocteau Twins
Nostalgic Feel by Bedroom
Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers
This Protector by The White Stripes
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths
I Know Very Well How I Got My Name by Morrissey
These Days by Nico
Light My Fire by The Doors
Magnificent Sadness by The Growlers
Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ by The Velvet Underground
Wasted by Mazzy Star
Ordinary People by Twin Peaks
Stephanie Says by The Velvet Underground
Love Lockdown by Kanye West
Back Door Man by The Doors
I Feel So Cold by The Velvet Underground
33 “GOD” by Bon Iver

Listen to this playlist on Spotify here!

By Marina Shapiro


  1. I love it when playlists include links to listen!!

  2. yeaaaaaaaa, this playlist is perfect for the december feelz, will be listening 24/7!