Frosted Holiday Eye Look


Hey, Lithium readers! This holiday look is so beautiful and versatile and easy to do. I used teal shadows, but you can do this with any colors. 
First, I took a light taupe shade on a fluffy brush and blended it into my crease. Then, I took the same brush and a pale yellow shade and blended that over the crease and all over my lid. I then took an oval eyeshadow brush and a matte teal shade (you can use any shade) and blended it all into the outer corner of my eye and halfway across my lid, careful not to go too far into the inner corner. I then took another shade and repeated the prior step. Next, I took a shimmery teal on a fluffy blender brush and blended that into the matte shades. I used a pointed fluffy brush and a white shimmery shade and blended that into the inner corner, then lightly combining it with the teal. I then took another light, shimmery shade on a pointed, small brush and brushed that over the white. After I blended the shimmer with the teal, I highlighted my brow bone. I lined my bottom waterline with a white eye pencil, and then took a small angled brush and lined my lash line with the same shimmery teal I used on my lid.
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By Bridget Fitzpatrick