I'll Never Be Seventeen Again

I’ll never be seventeen again. This thought may be washed away along with other thoughts regarding time and growing up. Seventeen is the thin line between my childhood and becoming an adult. Maybe it's cliché to talk about, the whole idea and concept of “we’ll never be as young as we are now." It isn’t that I’m particularly enjoying being seventeen or being in high school. Rather, it is the fact that I will never be the self that I am now.
At the age of seventeen, I am lucky enough to do anything I want. I am able to pursue my passions and my interests without worrying about making a living or putting a roof over my head. To many people, being my age can feel restrictive. I can’t stay out until midnight and I am often stuck in school learning about topics that don't interest me. To me, though, being seventeen is more than that. I don’t have to worry about scrambling every month to pay my student loans, rent, and other basic necessities. My current worries include whether or not I’m keeping up in class or if my friends are actually my friends. Living with these thoughts is a part of my youth. All ages come have their drawbacks, but there are so many reasons to celebrate of the process of life. I enjoy all of the youthful moments of my childhood. Riding around the neighborhood on my tricycle with my brother when I was in kindergarten, entering debate competitions in grade school, giggling with my friends until sunrise in sleepovers, liking a boy for the first time, having my first kiss, and falling in love are unforgettable yet intangible experiences. 
I’ll never be seventeen again, and for that reason, I want to celebrate my youth. I’ll look back in a few years and all of these will just be memories. In fact, I’ll probably even have trouble recalling all of the details. But for now, these are real things and real people that I know and have loved and cared for throughout the years. I want to hold on to these rapid thoughts and feelings before I grow up. I want to hold on tight to the moments of my youth and never let them go- I don’t want to turn old and gray one day,  looking back and feeling as though I had not taken leaps.

Text by Wen Hsiao and Visual by Madison Sharp

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  1. I've been feeling so similar to this. It's comforting to know someone is going through the same thought process.