Lull of Action

what does it mean to be alone—
to be still, to be calm, to be tranquil?
is it in being the stranger to an unknown world?
perhaps it is in the comfort brought upon by closed doors.

it really doesn’t matter how you feel it,
but what matters is how much gravity you feel in it.

and if for me, alone, in its most genuine context is not the distressing isolated state of mind,
then it is being amidst the inexorable unfolding of every second brought upon by time;

it is in taking the third person’s point of view,
in being amidst the world overflowing with life and vigor

it is in the controlling of the motion of time,
it is in suspending the significant insignificance of the absent and momentarily yet genuine joys and laughters of wandering stars;
it is in the borrowing of fragments of strangers being the actual center of the universe. 

By Iya Perez


  1. this piece is so COHESIVE!! the words and the images are just beautiful together.

  2. THIS IS PHENOMENAL !!! one of my favs from this month

  3. Theses pictures are gorgeous love the mood of the whole piece