she was a puzzle.png

I’ve never solved a puzzle.
Whether it be crossword or word search,
I’ve never been able to complete one.

She was a puzzle.
At first, she was a eighth thousand piece jigsaw,
Her picture boasting French sunsets,
Her warmth Parisian paradise.
She was the kind of puzzle that you take out of the box piece by piece,
And by the end you expect perfection.
You expect to see the hustle and bustle of the streets and the vivid orange of the most unique falling sun.
You expect more.
But it’s missing a couple pieces, and the corners are dented,
And Paris looks nothing like you expected.

I realize now that she is not a jigsaw puzzle.
She is a Rubik’s cube,
Something I try and attempt to solve but can never do.
She has no pieces missing,
They are just in the wrong order.

Text by Ndemazea Fonkem
Visual by Wendy Herrara


  1. Wendy's visual is breathtaking, and matches the beautifully crafted written piece so well.

  2. oh my god, this is sooooo good ahh, i was listening to Wait for Me by Motopony while reading through this and lemme tell u,

    it was a good time