Take Care

Take care of yourself by nourishing your body and providing it healthful foods. Gain inspiration from your favorite Tumblr pages, blogs, books, or YouTube channels. Take this time to yourself to explore and discover new people and their ideas. 

 Have a relaxing bath or a warm shower to de-stress. It’s okay to take as long as you need. 
 Write out your emotions and express the way you feel through any means of writing or art necessary. Try something new and maybe you will discover a hidden talent.
 Try doing your makeup another way, and don't be afraid to buy yourself something nice once in a while. Be kind to yourself because you deserve it. 
 Tea is the best drink for relaxation. 

Remember to sleep enough and listen to relaxing sounds if you can’t fall asleep. 

“Take Care” is a photo series focusing on how to stay motivated in the winter months and love yourself when the winter blues sink in.

By Stefanie Stofko