The Essence of Celebration

Ever since I was little, the holiday season was something I’ve looked forward to. Christmas back then was a simpler time; I didn’t have to worry about how some gifts couldn’t fit the budget, or question the thick, uncomfortable tension within my family. No, my only job was to get my presents and watch as everyone smiled and enjoyed each other for that one day. It was that absolute happiness that made me believe I would always be excited for the holidays because a feeling as pure as that didn’t seem like something that could just easily fade away. Alas, as with most things, it eventually did.
As I leave my childhood behind and slowly transition into adulthood, something I’ve noticed is that I feel less about certain things.With the weight of so many overbearing responsibilities on my shoulders, it’s become nearly impossible to find the time or the energy to be excited about anything, and maybe even the desire to do so, which is very sad. When I came across this month’s theme of “celebration”, I searched deep within myself for something I still care about, something worth celebrating. Turns out, I didn’t have to look that hard.
I recently became close friends with a group of astounding, talented, and beautiful people who have since become a factory of inspiration for me. This piece is the first thing I've written in almost two years and it was their art and their attitudes towards life that gave me back the desire to create again, and for me, that’s enough reason to celebrate.
Celebration, in its very essence, is a method of appreciation, of cherishing the things you have. Being surrounded by friends who support and uplift you, who make the world a little more bearable, and who makes you want to better yourself- well, they make every day a celebration. 

 By Allianah Pingol

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