Time is Stopped

Your eyes shine,
Like a star,
Because you are not alone,
But like an entire constellation, connected.
Your hair is full,
Like the moon,
Because you do not depend upon others for light,
But like the heart of the sun, so bright.
You hold the waters of earth,
Like a dam,
Because dams can be destroyed,
But like veins that pump the world full of life.

The day is coming to a stop,
But I cannot help but to continue.
The place where the land’s horizon touches the sky
Delivers me to a calm destination,
I have headed home.

The waves were rough and the air was heavy.
Where was the wind coming from?

A dog splashes in the salty sea.
Water whirls through its fine fur.
White caps curl across coarse sand.
A dog rushes rapidly to your arms.

A blue-green glow transforms the universe to a hopeful humming home.
Crowds gather to watch the world wander.
Footprints across the ground grow as people go.

Time will stop.
You drive by the beach, leaving a place you once loved.
Green hazy skies try to push you to forget.
You do not know what has changed, or what will change.
For this moment,
Time is stopped.

Text by Dharma Gilley and Visuals by Danielle Leard


  1. What a wonderful set of pictures

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I make the film light leak on purpose. I like the distorted look.

  2. beautiful. some really good lines in here, and i love the photos

  3. wow, i love the colors. these pictures are so comforting. remind me of eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. the poems also matched the pictures perfectly, i love the first one the most.